Teen Writing Workshop

We Write in Sand: a Synchronous Transmedia Creative Collaboration, or Digital Round-robin EXTRAVAGANZA - Jei Lee & Lois Haight

MGH 430 | 2:15-4:30 PM

For teens! 13-19 years old. Creative writing, great for resumes, and fun!

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We will start with a Tumblr account (TBA) with a series of story seeds: images, songs, sounds, or one-liners that will serve as prompts for stories (anyone who wants to pitch in is welcome!).

The moderator(s) will be responsible for following the participants and keeping an eye on the dashboard, tracking tags, and reblogging relevant posts on the workshop account so that the participants can in turn keep up-to-date with the threads.

Teen participants are encouraged to use their own accounts (or create burner accounts specifically for this workshop) to write their contributions in response to the seeds of their choosing. After each scene, they can select a different seed or add onto a thread, taking care to keep the hash tags intact.

Participants do not have to worry about maintaining the integrity of any particular story by sticking to a strictly sequential thread: stories can branch off, intersect with other threads, restart at the seed, etc. The only rule is that if a writer returns to a thread, there must be at least TWO other scenes between that writer’s contributions.

At the conference wrap up, there may be a “show and tell” for the adult conference attendees by displaying the workshop Tumblr and presenting this experience as a program idea, and a Q&A with a panel of teen volunteers from the pool of participants.